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LOCKDOWN WARS episode 2. The Empire Strikes Again


Dear Mr Johnson,

I am struggling to run a small, rural tattoo business which has been fully compliant with all the imposed Covid 19 guidelines since being allowed to re-open on Monday 13th July 2020. I now only work with one client per day for four days a week. Please could you explain to me why it is that small businesses such as mine, are being forced to close while schools, colleges, universities, construction, Dentists, opticians, take-aways etc are all allowed to continue trading, even with the massive foot-fall they create. This makes no sense whatsoever. Please... I would like to understand the science that seems to discriminate against one and not another. You and your scientists deem these businesses as non-essential - They are essential to our families, to feed, cloth and survive. I would also like to understand how a test kit created in 1984 has the ability to identify a novel virus in 2020, especially when, by health authorities around the world, have stated that this COVID 19 Novel virus, has never been isolated. How can this be?

As a human being fighting to survive the very real threat of no means of income and thus destroying our lives, I would like to understand the what and why reasons for your governments decisions.


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